Bachman’s launches ‘Spring is in the Air’ flower show

Bachman’s launches ‘Spring is in the Air’ flower show

May 1, 2018 Off By Delia Keith

minneapolis — With snow still on the ground, winter-weary Minnesotans got a glimpse of spring indoors March 25-April 8 at Bachman’s inaugural flower show at the Galleria Shopping Center in Edina, MN. This is the first time Bachman’s and the Galleria have teamed up to produce a reinvention of Bachman’s annual spring flower show.

“It’s been exciting to create a new experience,” said Dale Bachman, chairman of the board and fourth-generation member of the family-owned Bachman’s Floral, Home and Garden Centers, in a press release. “It’s a breath of spring.”

Visitors were welcomed to the Bachman’s ‘Spring is in the Air’ flower show at the Galleria Shopping Center by this stunning floral arrangement.

For decades, Bachman’s constructed a flower show in Macy’s downtown eighth floor auditorium until the store closed in 2016. The spring flower show tradition began in 1960, when the building was owned and operated by Dayton’s; it continued under Marshall Field’s ownership; and later, Macy’s. Each year the show took on a different theme, such as secret gardens, classical art, or Brazilian rainforests and it attracted over 65,000 visitors each year.

The new Galleria flower show featured over two-dozen colorful floral installations from one end of the shopping center to the other, along with floor-to-ceiling arrangements and specialty gardens containing hyacinths, tulips, hydrangeas, gerberas, freesia, jasmine and other springtime favorites. Guests strolled and meandered from one spring vignette of blooms to the next over the course of the 15-day, free event.

“The Galleria is so different from the Macy’s location. We essentially had a black box in downtown Minneapolis, a dedicated space away from the retail area, where we could create an environment and people were kind of transported,” Bachman told The Produce News. “Transitioning from that [to the Galleria], we thought this could be a challenge in that we would experience some push back from guests — we were afraid that we might let the guests down. But it was just the opposite and we had a wonderful response from the guests. The comments we heard were that it was more accessible, there was a lot less concern than driving downtown, and they all greatly appreciated the free parking.”

More than 100 different types of flowers, trees and plants were on display and 2,400 bulbs were coaxed into early blooming by Bachman’s for the event. All flowering bulbs were replaced halfway through the show to keep it fresh.

There were also over 250 butterfly décor pieces, along with painted birdhouses and bicycles dangling from the ceiling. Five semi trucks transported the elements for the floral experience from Bachman’s indoor growing facilities 20 miles south of the Twin Cities and over 25 garden designers, installers and horticulturalists worked on preparing and installing the project. It took the team three overnights, from 10 p.m.-6 a.m. to install the vignettes and all maintenance and watering was done at night throughout the run of the show.

“The people who shop at the Galleria may have a favorite store or a favorite restaurant, but to see the flower show you couldn’t just visit your favorite spots and call it a day,” said Bachman. “You had to go the entire length of the Galleria and we heard that people discovered more of the Galleria than they otherwise would have — that was a wonderful thing to hear.”

“Spring is in the Air” appeared to be a big hit with visitors after this year’s frigid Minnesota winter, who took photos of their favorite blooms and filled the parking lots to capacity.

And Wendy Eisenberg, Galleria’s general manager, said she hopes the collaboration with Bachman’s will become an annual tradition at the shopping center.

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